The Vanished

The Cultural Center screened the film “The Vanished” by the director Arben Thaçi.

Our Cultural Center in cooperation with the Red Cross – Kërçovë where all the funds collected from ticket sales were donated to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

The film is a psychological drama with elements of war that covers the last period of the second world war. The film’s protagonist played by the actor Sotiraq Bratko, writing his memoirs, tries to reveal to us something from his hazy past, something he hides from people, his wife (Eva Alikaj) and even from himself. What he reveals to us is full of guilt, regret and horror that they have not left him alone for as long as he has been isolated from the world and people.
The cast of actors includes well-known names from North Macedonia, Kosova and Albania such as: Sotiraq Bratko, Eva Alikaj, Kejdi Ademi, Sokol Monallari, Afrim Muçaj, Sheqerije Buçaj, Selman Lokaj, Blerim Ismani, Arsim Fazlia, Selman Jusufi, Adem Karaga, Refet Abazi , Neritan Liçaj, Enis Murati, etc.

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