About us

The National Institute Cultural Center “Kocho Racin” in Kichevo provides a space for locals to immerse themselves in the arts through the written word, theater performances, musical talents and more. On the first floor, the large theater hosts a variety of events on a regular basis, ranging from professional musicians to local school plays. On the second floor, the stocked library allows anyone to read and rent the novels and other books they desire at and read in the comfort of their homes. 

Many locations in our institution including the theater, the small hall and the foyer at the entrance of our theater may be rented by anyone for events, such as art exhibitions, book promotions, political gatherings, concerts, festivals, theater plays, stand up comedy, movie screenings and much more!

The Cultural Center is an incredible resource for all residents of the Kichevo Municipality to take part in and develop a strong appreciation for the arts.