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Here you will find out about new books and other announcements from our library.

A visit from the staff of the library of Tetovo

Today, our Cultural Center got a pleasant visit from the staff of the library of Tetovo which has the same name as our library – “Kocho Racin”. This visit occurred on the shared anniversary of the two institutions. We would like to the the institution’s director – Njomza Imeri Ismaili, for this this vizit and their tireless help on getting started with COBISS, the electronic platform with which our library became part of the large family of libraries the give their readers access to not only the book fund of our library but also of those from other libraries in our country but also from our region.


Book convention 2019

Akropoli i Ri (tans: The New Acropolis), in collaboration with our Cultural Center and with the support of the municipality of our city, organized a book convention for three days straight, Friday to Sunday, with the participation of the following publishers:

  • Niku
  • Feniks
  • Fan Noli
  • Nobel
  • Logos-A
  • Zenit
  • Fondacioni ASR
  • NUN
  • Furkan ISM
  • Kultura Mk
  • Akropoli i Ri


World Book Day

Our Cultural Center had activities for World Book Day on the 23rd of April by the ”Sande Shterjoski” local primary school and on the 24th of April by the “Dr Vladimir Polezhinoski” local primary school.

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