International Mother Language Day

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, our Cultural Center organized a literary contest with in four languages ​​(Macedonian, Albanian, Turkish and Roma) in cooperation with the primary schools of the our city Kërçovë “Dr. Vladimir Polezhinoski” and “Sande Sterjoski”.
For the selection of the best writings in which students from four ethnic groups participated from class V to class IX, four first-place prizes for each language category were given, where the selection of the best writings was made by school mentors-teachers which were fully engaged in the realization of this project – event.

In this event, in addition to the distribution of prizes and the reading of the winning writings from the literary competition, the writings of other students participating in this event were also read in four languages. In addition to a certificate of appreciation, the winning students of the literary competition were also awarded with a precious gift – smart watch and three selected books, while the other students received a participation certificate.
In addition to the honorarium, the mentor- teachers were also given a recognition certificate and a book from the Cultural Center. The passionate people of literary and writing showed great interest in this event, which is also shown by the number of visitors who were in the hall. After the demonstration, a cocktail-dinner was served by the Cultural Center for all students – participants and teachers.



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