Screening of the movie “Shadows” by Milço Mançeski

The cultural center showed the film “Shadows” by the well-known director Milço Mançeski, where the cultural center collaborated with the Red Cross in order to donate the funds collected from ticket sales to the victims of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Shadows is a Macedonian film produced in 2007, directed, produced and written by Milco Mančevski. It was shot in Skopje, Ohrid and several other places in Macedonia. “Shadows” was a Macedonian candidate for an Oscar nomination but did not make it among the five nominees. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was screened at several other popular festivals.

A successful young doctor, Lazar Perkov, married to a beautiful woman with whom he has a child. He has everything – even friends and relatives call him ‘Lucky’. But looks are sometimes deceiving; despite all earthly pleasures, Lazarus constantly tries to please his mother, father and his uninterested wife. Every day is the same for him, until one day he barely survives a serious car accident.
After the recovery, Lazarus is confronted by people who seem to die over and over again, each time bringing the same message: “Give back what is not yours. Have respect.” After Lazarus realizes that these apparitions of his are not just dreams, but part of everyday life, he concludes that they are lost souls who have not yet found peace in the other world, and finally discovers what he actually must return.

Main roles:

Borçe Naçev
Salaetin Bilal
Vesna Stanojevska
Sabina Ajrula-Tozia
Dime Iliev
Ratka Radmanoviq
Petar Mirçevski
Ilko Stefanovski
Vladimir Yaçev
Goce Vlakhov
Vasil Shishkov
Filareta Zdravkoviq
Boris Chorevski
Branko Beninov
Isabella Novotny
Laze Manaskovski

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