On April 11th, 2022, in the big hall of the Cultural Center “Kocho Racin” – Kichevo, starting at 08:00PM, was held the theatrical show “WAITING FOR THE MINISTER” – hit comedy with actress Lidija Vukicevic, actor and stand-up comedian Semir Gigic from Serbia and actor Sastosto Sashovski.

Author and director: Semir Gicic
Actors: Lidija Vukicevic, Semir Gicic and Sasho Ristovski

The play takes place in a dilapidated café, which a new owner takes over. The owner has problems with the waitress, singer and old ballerina for his idea. He hires a designer to arrange the bar, as the arrival of a government minister is announced.
The great interest for the show was great and the satisfaction of the audience was expressed with loud applause.

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