Traditional Easter Concert

As in previous years, this year, on the third day of Easter, April 26th, 2022. Starting at 19:00, was held the Traditional Easter Concert brought to the audience of Kichevo by Cultural and artistic societies “Racin” Kichevo, which operates within the Center of Culture “Kocho Racin”.

The concert came with a well off program which presented; the dancers who are divided into three groups (ensemble for young people, ensemble for children and beginners), all the members of the orchestra and vocal soloists and all together prepared an evening for the large audience of Kichevo, filled with dances and songs that will be long remembered.


  • Gaidarsko dance
  • Poretic Games / Youth Ensemble
  • Ajduchko dance / youth ensemble
  • Vocal instrumental block
  1. Today is my Saturday
  2. Blessed Mountain
  • Youth ensemble / ensemble
  • Vocal instrumental block
  1. Niko, Niko meandziko
  2. Last night in Nade
  3. I sat down for dinner
  • Tropnalo dance, In the middle of the village / children’s ensemble
  • Folk braids / ensemble for children
  • Block of instruments
  1. Valle butcher
  2. Valle Ampevo
  • Maleshevka / youth ensemble


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