Festive concert on the occasion of Eid celebration “Eid evening” with special guests: The ensemble “Xheladin Zeqiri”

On the occasion of the Eid holiday held at the Cultural Center “Koço Racin” in Kichevo funded by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Northern Macedonia. The festive concert “Eid Evening” was organized in collaboration with ensemble “Xheladin Zeqiri” which for years performed folk dances and songs generation after generation.

The activity of this society dates back to 1943 with the name “Albanian Youth”. Today, thanks to the successes and activities of the ensemble “Xheladin Zeqiri” significantly managed to raise the level in all aspects.

In this concert there was a considerable number of art lovers and lovers of folk songs and dances where they enjoyed the performances by the dancers and singers of this association under the leadership of prof. Jeton Pustina.

The program of this artistic concert was amazing.

In the first part of this concert, the dancers started with the Independence dance with choreography by Professor Fehmi Shaqiri, after the dance the program continued with songs which was opened by the host Salije Bajrami with the song “Moj e bukura Arbëri” – Beautiful Arbëri (Albania). Afterwards, Labinot Abduramani sang the song Fjalët e qiririt (Words of the Candle) and Simfonia e detit (The Symphony of the Sea), Lulkuqja e Kosoves (The Red Flower of Kosovo) Vigan Maksuti, Marigona Matoshi, Rrjedh në këngë e ligjërime (Flows in songs and lectures)

In the second part of this concert they started with a collage of girls’ dances prepared by the accompanist Elez Mema. Then the program was continued by the artist from Kichevo Uran Dervishi who was presented with the song of Pochar. Betim Shabani interprets the song Për mua paska qenë kismet (It was written for me) and the second part ended with the song Shqipëri moj nëna ime (Albania my mother).

The last part of the program started with the artist from Kichevo, Jetmir Mehmedi and it ended with Salije Bajrami and the group of singers with the song Mora fjalë (I took the word).

Also guests in this concert were our artists from Kichevo: Salije Bajrami, Uran Dervishi and Jetmir Mehmedi.

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