Premiere of the theatrical play “If you stay at home”

The premiere of the theatrical play “If you stay at home” by Karoi Sakoni, a contemporary Hungarian drama, took place at the “Kocho Racin” at the Cultural Center in Kichevo on 14th of December, 2021 at 06:00PM.

Actors: Mihajlo Petrevski and Violeta Petkoska;The scenography was prepared by: Dervish Zeqiri, Emin Emini, Mersim Efatoski; Costumes and stage decoration: Aleksandra Petrevska; Master of Lights: Fazli Asani; Music and video clip selection: Mateo Petrevski; Google Voice: Branislav Stojanoski; Directed by: Mihajlo Petrevski. Although the drama was written in the last century, it presents the problems of a married couple that are still current today but presented in a modern way.

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