Youth Pottery Workshop VIII

On Wednesday, October 12, 2022, the Cultural Center “Koço Racin” – Kërçovë held the youth workshop for the 8th time in a row in the gallery of arts, which is financed by the Ministry of Culture and aims to make clay vessels.

The youth pottery workshop in its essence is an educational and creative project respecting all the stages of the creation of the artistic product, until its presentation.

Organizing an authentic pottery workshop where young people practically get to know the traditional way of creating a ceramic product begins with the notification of the way of digging clay and its storage, preparation and processing, the way of forming ceramic objects in all shapes and sizes, the way of traditional decoration and glazing of objects as well as their final firing.

The workshop is traditionally held in the village of Vraneshtica in the ceramics workshop of the master Slobodan Stoleski who is the main mentor of the complete process of creations of the workshop participants.

What is important for this project is that high school students participate, where we notice a very positive phenomenon that young people still show interest in this craft which is very old and continues to be jealously guarded in this village.

The objects, in addition to functionality as the basis of the ceramic activity, through the students’ creations, take a unique form. This creates a synthesis of functionality and decor, bringing objects into original works of artistic value.

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