Pink October

On 18.10.2022 at 19:00 at INQK “Koço Racin” Kërçovë, the students of highschool “Drita” Kërçovë marked the month of awareness against breast cancer.
The program consisted of drama display and poetry prepared by the students of the aforementioned school and their mentor prof. Arjeta Zeqiri. The program also featured a very special monologue.

The monologue was indeed very special because it was prepared and presented to the attendants by the protagonist and survivor of the breast cancer Antigona Seferi.

In this monologue, Antigona “confessed” to the attendants what she went through and what she felt during this scary, sad, yet so courageous journey of defeating breast cancer.

Antigona delivered a very powerful message on what it takes to deal with this illness both physically and mentally and also the motive and courage it took to put an end to this dreadful illness that has taken so many womens lives globally.

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