World Poetry Day

Every year, March 21st is marked for the celebration of three major events. In addition to saying “Welcome” to spring, we celebrate the day of ecology, and we also celebrate World Poetry Day.
One of the reasons why World Poetry Day is celebrated is the use of oral recitation. In this way the dialogues between poetry and other arts are renewed.

On the occasion of marking this important world day, the day of poetry at the Koço Racin Cultural Center, which with the support, i.e financial means approved by the Ministry of Culture, which were requested through the project proposed for this day, was organized a manifestation in cooperation with three local schools: “Vladimir Vladimir Polezinoski” Primary School, “Sande Sterjoski” Primary School and “Jonus Emre” Primary School, which was attended by students from fifth to ninth grade, where the whole event, i.e World Poetry Day was marked in three languages (Macedonian, Albanian and Turkish).

Poetic prose was read for the day of poetry, the day of ecology as well as by well-known writers-poets where during the activity there were musical fragments by the students.

In the end, all the students and their mentors were accredited by the Cultural Center “Koço Racin”, for their cooperation and for the realization of the World Poetry Day.




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