Exhibition from the “Little Artists” by Lulu Art Studio

On Saturday the 24th of December 2022, at the Culture Center “Koço Racin” – Kërçovë, the works of students of different ages “Little Artists” from Lulu Art Studio were exhibited.

The artistic dimension has its own unique vitality and it is regenerated in the reason and heart of the artist in the form specific to the individual and his intellectual curriculum and environment. Just as the laws of nature are immutable but manifest in unstable environments, the eternal and immutable Art presents itself to us in many aspects.

Art is the only one that, through relativity and changeability, manages to carry the eternal in its concept. Often a single work of art is seen as a tunnel that the more one penetrates into its interior, the more the distance of understanding and conceptualizing the work itself is extended. Only art has this possibility of experience and worldview. Figurative art in particular is like the depth of the eye towards the point of view in the brain. This distance is illuminated with the immortal rays of the spirit.

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