“Sisterhood” Premiere

The premiere of the Macedonian feature film “Sisters” by Dina Duma took place in the Cultural Center “Koco Racin” – Kichevo on March 25th, 2022.

The movie “SISTERS”, which was nominated for an Oscar, showed that the plotline of this movie is real.
The movie describes the story of a friendship of two adolescent girls which is threatened the moment they have to face the dire repercussions of their manipulative behaviour.
The story shows the harsh reality where girls feel alienated, as if they have no support and someone with whom they can talk.

Maja and Jana are inseparable friends. Jana is the one who leads, and Maja always follows her. One night at a party, Maja and Jana see Elena, the most popular girl at school, making out with Maja’s crush, and film her.
Jana convinces Maja to publish the video online. The video goes viral and Elena’s life is ruined. In a fierce confrontation between the three girls, Elena disappears. Maja wants to report to the police, but Jana does not allow her.
Maja struggles to find the courage to get out of the toxic friendship with Jana and the secret that threatens to ruin her life.

The roles are interpreted by: Antonija Belazelkoska as Maja, Mia Ciro as Jana,– Marija Jancevska as Elena , Hanis Bagashov as Chris, Emil Isaevski -Mars ,Verica Nedeska –Maja’s Mother

Directed by; Dina Duma
Producer – Marija Dimitrova
Screenwriter – Dina Duma, Martin Ivanov;
Director of Photography – Naum Doksevski;
Editor – Martin Ivanov ; Scenographers – Kiril Spaseski, Simo Branov
Costume designer – Roza Trajceska Ristovska

Music – Igor Vasilev – NovogradskaProduction – List ProductionGenre – Drama, Coming-of-age
Countries: Northern Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro
Language: Macedonian


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