Sixth Literary Poetry Gathering-Woman 2022

As every year, this year the traditional literary club KiTka in cooperation with the Cultural Center organized a poetry gathering on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. (8th of March)

Every year is different, guests are poets from other cities, as well as children from local schools in our city, who this year honored us with their presence, respectively participated writers-poets from the cities of Ohrid, Demir Hisar and Makedonski Brod. While from the fans of the written word, respectively from the new generation participated students of primary schools “Hristo Uzunov” from the village of Drugovo and “Dr. Vladimir Polezinoski” from Kichevo.

Poems and prose were read on the occasion of the International Women’s Day for that day, in the event itself, the hosts, respectively the literary club “KitKa” together with their members shared accreditation to the participants where after the end all participants and attendees had the opportunity to be accompanied by a modest cocktail which was offered by the Kitka Cultural Center and Literary Club.


Шести Поетски литературни средби ,,Жена “” 2022

Шести Поетски литературни средби ,,Жена “” 2022 организирани од литературниот клуб “Китка“ во соработка со НУЦК “Кочо Рацин“ Кичево, ОУ “Владимир Полежиноски“ Кичево, ОУ “Христо Узунов“ од с. Другово и гости писатели од други градови како Охрид и Македоснки Брод.

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