Uskana Festival – Theatrical Play: “The Perfect Woman”

The festival “Uskana Fest” on 06th of December, 2021 organized the theatrical play “The Perfect Woman” by the theater of Kumanovo “Ultra”.

Julien, a charming loner who devotes all his time to his work, desperately wants to find love. His life will change the day he meets the robot Chloe, whom his friend Francois gives him as a gift for his 30th birthday. Then his daily routine will flow arbitrarily and Chloe will lead him into increasingly blissful comic situations.

She is the woman he dreamed and imagined: beautiful, intelligent, sensitive, humorous, in short, she is a perfect woman. Even Francois, Julien’s friend, falls under her spell!

Directed by: Qazmedin Nuredini


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