Festival “Uskana Fest” – Theatrical performance “Stallions of Vardar”

The Festival “Uskana Fest” on 07.12.2021 at the local Cultural Center “Koço Racin” Kichevo organised the the play “Stallions of Vardar” by the Comedy Theater.

“Vardar Stallions” is a play based on the screenplay by Simon Beaufoy (Full Monty) and the play “Ladies Choose” by Anthony McCartney and Stephen Sinclair, but this time it is a play created by the Comedy Theater due to that it is a Skopje story about the characters of Skopje, in which everyone can be distinguished, as well as the urban speech of Skopje stands out as an independent dramatic ensemble that can be envied by Bifou, McCartney and Sinclair. The tale is modernized and created by Skopje. It is about a group of friends from a neighborhood who are fans, where their greatest love is F.C Vardar.

Their way of life in Skopje separates them from the world of cooperatives and after the race for success, but due to lack of financial power, highlighted by daily problems (one has problems with his wife, the other can not find a lover, to earn money they serve as waiters…)


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