Uskana Festival – Theatrical play “The Night of truth”- presented by the Skopje Theatre “Temple”

In the Cultural Center of Kichevo, Uskana Festivalorganized by ArTact-Us on 08.12.2021 at 19:30 was realized the play “Night of truth (Helver Night)” brought by the theater “Temple” ”From Skopje, directed by Aferdita Nuhiji, director from Kichevo.

Emotions in the theater are the most important. In this show we saw clearly that we are all human beings and that we all deserve respect, and every society should ensure everyone’s life with dignity.

The Night of Truth (Helver) is a tragedy that focuses on the two characters Karla and Helver, two tragic characters of World War II, trapped in a web, struggling and trying to breathe in that gloom to survive, in the time of fascist rule. Helver an obsessed and mentally traumatized character from fascist movements. While Karla a mother who has lost her daughter and tries to fill this gap through Helver who treats hi, as if he were her own son. A miniature focused on the pain of the mother trying to survive the routines of Helver’s rules who are fascinated by the “rules given, the military power”, which eventually ends up becoming a victim of the same torture. Two characters who fall prey to a reality being in the place of the abuser and the abused, of a mother without children and a child without a mother expelled from society and stuck between four walls. The distortion of that historical time that has been staged for years, the filmography, of course each place to treat and relate the country’s histories, in favor of the show.


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