Theatrical performance for children “Three”

On Tuesday (28.12.2021) in the big hall at the Center for Culture was held the children’s play “Three” starting at 13:00. The show aimed to entertain children and at the same time to convey a very important message, especially for today, which is about protecting the planet.

The main topic was the eco-catastrophe that is happening in the world and the characters of the show go together around the world to clean up the garbage on the streets and in the mountains. With this performance, children are taught that waste should be selectively disposed of in appropriate recycling bins, in order to raise the awareness and habits of the little ones about the importance of a healthy nature.

The idea was for the younger audience to learn what is needed to protect nature in order for new generations to live in a healthy environment. The purpose of this play was also to enable deaf and hard of hearing children to experience for the first time the feeling offered by theatrical art interpreted in their sign language, calling it their mother tongue, but also the general public, we offer children the opportunity to get to know and be educated in sign language, who through fun interaction with actors will learn the signs and the alphabet of the signs.

This was the first time that our city was presented with the first professional show including sign language for children with hearing impairment that was brought to us by “Three”.

The show was held in compliance with the protocol of the Ministry of Culture issued by the health commission for protection from Covid-19.


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