“The Imaginary Invalid” play by Molière – organised by the pupils of the local primary school “Sande Shterjoski”

Pupils from the local primary school “Sande Shterjoski” performed Molière’s comedy “The Imaginary Invalid”, which portrays human reality in an entertaining way.
In this play, prepared by the pupils, “The imaginary invalid” – the rich Argan, surrounded himself with people that only want good for him. They accept the old man as he is and all they want to do is cure him from his mental illness. They try to show him that his illnesses were coming from his head and unmask the doctors trying to make money off of him.

The characters in this comedy are:

  • Argan: Hypochondriac who regularly takes various concoctions prescribed by a physician and prepared by an apothecary. He plans to marry his older daughter to a physician so that he will have constant access to medical services.
  • Béline: Argan’s second wife and stepmother of his two children.
  • Angélique: Argan’s older daughter. She is in love with a young man named Cléante, but her father wants her to marry a young doctor, Thomas Diafoirus. She loves her father but is frustrated with his plans to match her with Diafoirus. 
  • Cléante: Young man who loves Angélique.
  • Louison: Argan’s younger daughter. Her father forces her to tell him about a conversation she heard between Angélique and Cléante.
  • Toinette: Intelligent, sassy maid who schemes to overcome Argan’s opposition to Angelique’s wish to marry Cléante.

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